Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update to Window AutoLisp

I've noticed that many people have been downloading the window lisp routing I created for AutoCAD. I hope that those people are finding it useful. I decided to add a few new features that will make the windows more attractive.

To download the new updated command click here

The original window is described on the following page:

Before getting started, as with the original window, you must place the UCS to be parallel to the face of the wall, positive x pointing to the right, and positive y pointing up, positive z pointing away from the screen.

First, a routine called mullion to add horizontal and vertical mullions to the outside of the window. Once a window is created, you can type Mullion at the command prompt, and you will be prompted for a lower left corner, then upper right corner of the window. These should be placed on the part of the frame just outside of the glass.

Then when prompted indicate the number of horizontal and vertical mullions.

The second new feature is to create an open curtain inside the window. This works much the same way as previous commands. simply pick 2 points to indicate the lower left, then upper right. In this case the points should be on the inside of the window frame.

The end result should look as follows.

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