Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Lisp routine for Soffits

This week I had some free time at work and created a soffit AutoLisp routine. After Selecting the Facia, and indicating the 3 points of the facia slope, it prompts for the depth of the soffit. The rest is Automatique..!

Friday, August 10, 2012

AutoCAD Selection Trick

We still do most of our modeling in AutoCAD at work, and I had a few people ask a question about selecting objects. IE. how to force AutoCAD to select by crossing or window regardless of the direction of the selection. So.....

When you are in a command which requires selection, example ERASE, you will see a "Select Objects:" prompt. Normally you can either select an object directly, click left to right for a "Window" selection (Blue box) or right to left for a "Crossing" selection (Green box).

In order to force a Window selection regardless of the direction of the points you pick, or if there is an object under the first select point, simply type "W" and press enter at the "Select Objects:" prompt. You can then pick your 2 window points as normal. Same goes for Crossing selection, type "C" at the same prompt.

Now if you really want to have fun use the "CP" or "WP" options for crossing polygon and window polygon respectively.