Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Realistic Architectural Visualization - Reprint and Corrections

Good news and bad news.

Good news is the Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds max and mental ray book which I co-authored with Jamie Cardoso has now gone into a second printing. We were able to fix a few things in the book but unfortunately one was too late for the print / reproduction process (The bad news). So I'm posting it here and providing you a downloadable file to replace the exising file.

In Appendix 3, there is a file on the CD which is not referenced in the tutorial but which is provided to give you an idea of what the scene and file should look like once you are finished. Unfortunately, there is something wrong in the file which will give you incorrect results. In the file DOF_FE_Final.max Exposure controls have been turned on. To correct the error you can simply do the following:

  1. In the Render pull down menu, select Environment.

  2. In the Environment and Effects Dialog, go to the Exposure control rollout.

  3. In the Exposure Control type pull down list, change the type to no exposure control.

Now you are ready to render the scene and get the same results as when you go through the tutorial in the book.

If you would simply like to download a corrected file it is contained in a .zip file at the following URL.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Cusson,

I am actually having a problem opening all of the files contained on the disc. I am using version 7 of 3dsmax and whenever I try to open the included files I recieve a message to the effect of "unknown class, no stand-in". One you open the disc, the book is non-refundable- what should I do? Is this a common and easily resolvable problem?

Roger Cusson said...


I know it was not well advertised, but this book was written for 3ds max 9. Files from 3ds max 9 are not backwardly compatible with previous versions.

It is no longer the policy of the publisher to explicitly identify a book with a release of 3ds max, as 3ds max is being released so often these days.

Lastly, if you are doing mental ray renderings I would HIGHLY recommend that you get your hands on 3ds max 9 or 2008. The difference in ease of use, and the new Arch + Design material are well worth it. For the sake of going through the books tutorials, you can download a trial version from the autodesk website.

Janet Smith said...

Your book proved more than useful for me during my stint with Xscad. Their website : http://www.xscad.com/ does detail the application of architectural visualisation in a range of public and private sectors (including PFI projects) for companies and organisations within healthcare, education, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, retail, leisure and entertainment and then the supporting and managing of projects during all stages of the design and construction process.