Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vertical Compound Walls - Revit

Changing Wall Materials Vertically.
I decided to write out the following simple exercise because I found it difficult through much of the documentation to figure out how to create a wall which changed from one material to another vertically. There appears to be 3 different methods of creating walls which change materials vertically.

Example 1: a fairly simple transition where the wall profile and thickness does not change. For example a bathroom wall which has tiles to about 3’6” (1050 mm) then the remainder of the way gypsum board.

1/ Create a new project in Revit using the default.rte imperial or metric template file.

2/ Select the Wall Tool in the Design Bar.

3/ Select the Properties Button on the options bar.

4/ In the Element Properties Type List Select the Interior – 4-7/8” (138mm) partition (1-Hr.) wall.

5/ Click Edit New.

6/ Click Duplicate.

7/ In the Name Dialog Enter, Interior - Bathroom Partition.

8/ Click on the Edit button next to the Structure parameter.

9/ Click on the Preview button in the lower left of the Edit Assembly dialog.

10/ In the view pull down list, Select: Section: Modify type attribute.

11/ Change the Sample Height to 5’-0” (1525mm).

12/ Right Click in the Sample area and Select Zoom to Fit.

13/ Select the first row (#1) of the Layers of the wall.

14/ Click on the Split Region button in the Modify Vertical Structure area.

15/ Click in the section view on the highlighted side of the wall. Approximately 3’-6” (1050mm) from the bottom.

16/ Click on Row number 1 in the Layers area.

17/ Click on the Insert Button.

18/ Change the Function of the new row to Finish 2 [5].

19/ Change the Material to: Finishes – Interior – Tile.

20/ Change the Shading color of the Interior Tile material to blue.

21/ Click the Assign Layers button in the Modify Vertical Structure area.

22/ Click on the lower section of the region you split earlier. The New Tile Material is assigned to this area.

23/ Click Ok until you exit all dialogs.

24/ Draw a Wall Using this new wall structure and view it in a 3D view.

25/ Set the shading mode to Shading with Edges The blue shaded area is the area is the area with the tile finish.



Nice tutorial.

DK said...

Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial on changing wall type to change materials vertically.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!