Saturday, January 18, 2014

AutoCAD Lisp Command to Draw Windows

Although there are a number of ways to create architectural 3D CAD Models, AutoCAD still remains as a major modeling tool in my day to day work. The problem remains that AutoCAD does not contain the modeling capabilities of Revit Architecture. So I have spent a fair amount of my down time at my job developing tools to accelerating 3D modeling within (vanilla) AutoCAD. I thought I would share with you some of my experience, and develop some new commands that you can have fun with, and hopefully help you with some of your AutoCAD modeling projects.

Here is a command which will create a simple window based on selecting 2 points on an opening which has been created in the facade of building.

The UCS should be oriented parallel to the face of the building. Then you would select the lower left corner followed by the upper right corner. The window is then created automatically.

The window command creates 2 layers for the window frame and glass, and places those objects on those layers automatically. In the above illustration, I've recessed the objects by moving them after the fact to improve the illustration.

You can download the Lisp routine here

Or use the following URL:

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Update to Window.lsp click here

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